SEAC FPM-500 - SEAC AB fish processing machines

The automatic feeder SEAC FPM-500 was designed for the automatization of the fish processing machines SEAC FPM-200 and SEAC FPM-400. It includes hopper, elevator, return conveyor and guiding unit.

The feeder guide the pelagic fish — sardine, mackerel, herring and similar — into the pocket conveyor of nobbing machine SEAC FPM-200 (see picture above) or nobbing and filleting machine SEAC FPM-400 (see drawing below). It needs only one operator for running the entire line in order to control, correct and add the fish into the empty pockets.

The feeder works in a range 2–25 fish/kg; the capacity is from 150 up to 300 fish per minute correspondingly.

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Technical data
of automatic feeder

Water consumption up to 15 l/min.
Pressure not less than 3 bars.
Electricity – 380 V, 3 phases, 50/60 Hz.
Consumption 2.37 kW.