Renovated machines - SEAC AB fish processing machines

Renovated machines: why?

We have over 30 years of experiences on all our complete renovated or rebuilt machines.

We have access to all technical «know-how» from this time due to our service technicians that have been working with the machines since beginning of 1970’s.

We have access to most of the suppliers of spare parts.

We have an own workshop where we can do different parts by ourselves.

We have a world-wide network with agents that can assist if anything may be wrong.

We can give our customer a «complete after-sale-service» on all our Swedish — designed machines.

How we do it?

  1. Dismounting of the entire machine.
  2. Changing of all worn-out and damaged parts like: shafts, sprockets, chain wheels, guards, etc. with original new ones. All standard parts are replaced with new ones.
  3. Complete changing of electrical system.
  1. Complete changing of old water system with a new one with reduced water consumption.
  2. Installation, trimming and adjustment made by our experienced technicians. Manual and spare part books are followed to each machine.

SEAC AB of SWEDEN is probably the only company in the world that can give SAME GUARANTEE on a complete renovated or rebuilt machine that on a brand new machine.