History of company - SEAC AB fish processing machines

History of fish processing machine manufacturer SEAC AB

SEAC AB is original from ARENCO/KM which was one of the two main fish processing machine manufacturer from the 40’s to 80’s. During over fifty years the German firm RUDOLF BAADER GmbH and Swedish firm ARENCO/KM were competing with different types of machines for the fish Industry. BAADER was the far biggest company and alone on the market for white fish processing machines.

However, during the early and mid 70’s, ARENCO also started a machine development program for white fish processing machines and at 1979/80 BAADER bought the entire ARENCO/KM company and one year later ARENCO was closed down.

Instead of getting rid of a competitor BAADER got two Swedish companies that continued the Swedish tradition in fish processing machines — VMK FISH MACHINERY in Gothenburg and NORDEN SEAFOOD MACHINERY AB in Kalmar — both with former technicians and management staff from ARENCO.

1989 VMK bought NORDEN and from this time there have been only two European suppliers of fish processing machines for pelagic fish — BAADER and VMK. But since 1992 SEAC AB started its activity on completely renovation of ARENCO, VMK and BAADER processing machines. With the experience of its staff which worked before on VMK, NORDEN and BAADER factories, SEAC AB was and still is probably the only enterprise that has given for renovated equipment the same guarantee as for new machines.

During recent times more companies such as the Danish company CABINPLANT or German firm ROSOMA have designed their machines for pelagic fish processing. In order to meet this challenge in 2008 SEAC AB has launched its own line of equipment — from simple and easy-operating nobbing machine SEAC FPM-100 to versatile and highly efficient nobbing and filleting machine SEAC FPM-400. These machines show their outstanding performance in different regions and on different kind and size of fish and we’ll be glad to find a new customers from all around the world.