SEAC AB offer fish processing machines


SEAC AB of Sweden is located ont the Royal summer Island of Öland in the Baltic Sea.


We are one of the main supplier of complete renovated and brand new fish processing machines for shoal fish in the world with approx 250 machines installed in 36 different countries (2013).

SEAC AB is one of the very few manufacturer that can offer machines that process fish down to 70—100 pieces/kg at a speed of more than 300 fish/min.

Since 1992 SEAC AB has made complete renovation/rebuilding (see special explanation about this) of former ARENCO and VMK machines by our staff that have about 40 years of experiences in this Swedish designed
machines. Some years ago we started our work with the developing of our brand new machines serie — SEAC FPM.

Machines FPM-serie are presented on the market since 2008 and they are already installed in different plants in Latvia, Croatia, Poland and other countries. One of our main customers — CONEX TARDE of Croatia — has 3 nobbing machines SEAC FPM-200 where they are running sardine down to 70 pieces/kg at a speed up to 320 fish/min. The accurracy of processing is up to 98 % and yield is about 15 % higher than on similar but 2-knives vacuum gutting machines, presented on the market.

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